Youth Track and Field


Track and field is a great sport that allows for both individual and team achievements. Certified track coaches teach young and emerging athletes. Athletes compete in a variety of events including the Junior Nationals.

PCAS has won first place in our division at Adaptive Sport USA’s Junior National Championships the last two years!

PCAS is fortunate to have access to Henderson High School track and field facility in West Chester. The track surface and the artificial turf on the infield provide a safe and forgiving surface for the runners and jumpers. Our athletes compete in a range of disciplines and Henderson’s multiple fields provide room to practice shot, discus and javelin skills.


During the off season our athletes focus on general conditioning. Our runners, jumpers and throwers stay in shape with light running, brisk walking, riding a bike, swimming, weight training and stretching. All the warm-up activities we do before practice (high knees, butt kicks, cross-overs) are followed throughout the year.

Our field athletes, in addition to strengthening their core and legs, focus on maintaining upper body strength with push-ups, sit-ups and throwing a medicine ball. Each one of our throwing events has the athlete using their core and legs to generate power.

Another way that many of our track athletes cross-train is through participating on the competitive swim team which is a joint program between PCAS and West Chester University. This program benefits from student and staff volunteers and wouldn’t be possible without WCU as a key partner.



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