Adapted Triathlon

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Triathlon is an endurance sport that challenges athletes to a continuous race involving three sporting disciplines.

Within triathlon events, there is a Para-triathlon division for people with disabilities. Like non-adaptive triathlons, Para-triathlons consist of swim, run and cycling segments, with distances varied for specific age groups and event offerings.

For the last four years, PCAS has fielded men’s, women’s and veteran’s teams in local para-triathlons. And last year, for the first time, we held a successful “test run” with younger athletes, where two of our track team athletes competed successfully in youth triathlons.

Our Triathlons offer two distances: Sprint and Olympic

Athletes can participate either individually, or in a relay format where one athlete does just one leg of the event and hands off to a teammate as they complete their leg.

We focus on Sprint distances and the relay format. Sprint distances are the shorter of the two and provide a good starting point for new athletes. All these combinations make the sport very accessible and a lot of fun.


Depending on the athlete’s disability, hand-cycles or tandem bicycles are permitted on the cycling leg of the race, while racing wheelchairs are permitted for some participants during the run leg.

The sport has an unlimited age-span, and is available to all who wish to participate.

Get Involved

If you are already doing a sport like cycling or running, you are ahead of the game. With the relay format you can be plugged in to one of our teams right away. To expand into competing in more than one leg of the race, you may require more training in that discipline. But most of our Para-triathletes focus on one or two legs of the event.

Become a Volunteer

Triathlon is a sport that is heavily dependent on its volunteer base. There are a range of ways you can volunteer: as an athlete's guide in competition, a logistics person, or as a “handler”, a term used in triathlon to designate someone who carries equipment, assists in getting around, and generally smoothing the way for the athlete's participation.

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