Philadelphia Adaptive Rowing (PAR)


There are few vistas of Center City Philadelphia more beautiful than the one seen from a scull gliding gracefully along the banks of the river in Fairmount Park. PAR offers the chance to see the city from a different vantage point.

Operating from a humble re-purposed boathouse on West River Drive, PAR stands alone as the only place in Philadelphia where you can free yourself from your crutches, cane or wheelchair, leave your cares on the dock, and set out on an adventure, sculling the river.

PAR is the oldest adapted rowing program in the world and spearheaded the acceptance of adaptive rowing as a Paralympic sport.

Our expertise in adapting boats and our energetic volunteers continue to make this program a leader in adaptive rowing.


We welcome rowers and volunteers of all levels of experience, including those with no experience at all and those interested in competing.

PAR is a welcoming boathouse and a happy place where you can meet some of the greatest people in the city while you learn to row, train, and have fun.

Competitive Adapted Rowing

Each year there are increasing numbers of adapted rowing events in regattas, both locally and around the world. Through a collaboration of US Rowing and PCAS, the rowing community is now seeing high schools, colleges and universities offering adapted scholastic rowing opportunities and competitions.

PAR has many competitive rowers who enjoy the thrill of a race and embrace the training it takes to become an elite athlete.

Our team members will use regattas in the spring and summer to prepare for the BAYADA Regatta, held annually in Philadelphia in August, and the Head of the Schuylkill Regatta in October. Come join us!

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The BAYADA Regatta

The BAYADA Regatta is the oldest and largest all-adaptive rowing competition for athletes with disabilities. An annual event since 1981, the BAYADA Regatta demonstrates BAYADA Home Health Care’s ongoing commitment to adaptive rowing — locally, nationwide, and internationally — and speaks to their dedication to improving the lives of all persons with disabilities.


Held each summer at St. Joseph’s University Boathouse on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, the regatta attracts adaptive rowing clubs from across the country to participate in recreational rowing races and Para-Rowing races.

The regatta is free of charge and open to the public. Enjoy exciting races, medal ceremonies, and entertainment. Join us to cheer on our PAR racers!

Visit the BAYADA website for all the details.



Three divisions of racing at the BAYADA Regatta

Recreational: 2x, 500m races in Class 1 boats. One able-bodied rower and one adaptive rower.

Composite: 2x, 1000m races in Class 3 racing shells. These are designed to be transitional races for newer rowers. One able-bodied rower and one adaptive rower.

Adaptive: 1x, 2x, and 4+, 1000m races, rowing in Class 3 racing shells. All participants are adaptive rowers. Rowers with visual impairments may have a sighted partner guiding from another boat.


Season: May through October
day: Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Time: 5:30 PM til dusk
Location: 1233 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.