Together we'll redefine what's possible.


A high performance cycle so an athlete can compete:



A hand cycle for a

child with

a spinal cord injury:



Your donation will help us:

  • Continue to provide equipment, training and support to over 500 athletes with disabilities who participate in our eleven adaptive sport and wellness programs

  • Expand the range of our programs, including programs for Veterans with disabilities, and increase access to them throughout our region

  • Alleviate space constraints in our facility

  • Meet the increasing costs of adapted technology, which allows us to fit the unique needs of each participant with our innovatively designed equipment

  • Enable fun and healthy activities for hundreds of children and adults with disabilities in our area

We strive to improve our community where:

  • 70% of people with disabilities have no access to activities that promote health

  • 90% of women with a disability do not have access to recreation or sport

  • 70% of youth with a disability don't take part in any kind of physical activity

  • People with disabilities are twice as likely to be physically inactive (25% vs. 12%)

Positive Impacts

Playing adaptive sports increases the likelihood of full employment by 40%.

Access to adaptive recreation improves self-esteem and communities benefit when people with disabilities can more fully participate in sports and recreation.


A scull adapted

for a rower with

lower body limitations:



A mono-ski for a skier with

a disability



Each year PCAS raises funds to support our programs as well as foster other adapted sports programs.  This is done through a combination of corporate sponsorship, events, grants and individual donations.

Individual Donations

Annual Fund Campaign

Athletes, former athletes, volunteers, friends and the community provide annual donations to support PCAS.

Planned Giving Program

Donors contribute to PCAS and receive life-time income and tax benefits. The most common form of planned giving is a bequest, although other planned gifts include the donation of trusts, life insurance payments, and real estate. 

Designated Gifts

Gifts can be made to support a specific program or piece of equipment such as a boat, a pair of oars, a hand cycle or a bi-ski.

 The United Way

Donations can be made to the United Way designated for PCAS. Many of these donations are made via payroll deduction.  PCAS United Way donor choice number is 9879.

One very important impact has been connecting and learning from others with disabilities. (Another) thing that has been very important to me is the social aspect and the lifelong friendships with fellow athletes and wonderful volunteers.
— Doug