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Our guides have intimate knowledge of the New Jersey Pine Barrens and Delaware River tributaries. Paddlers have access to nature’s hidden beauty and serenity that this sport allows.

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Fall Kayaking in the New Jersey Pines
by Sue and Paul Dice

It was a beautiful fall day for our last paddle of the 2017 season on one of our favorite water bodies – the Rancocas River in Burlington County, NJ. The sky was clear, the air temperature was pushing the 70-degree mark, and there was just enough color left in the trees to make for a visually stunning trip.

A happy band of twenty-three kayakers jumped into fifteen boats (eight were doubles) and headed up river to Burlington County College which would serve as our lunch stop. As we paddled, one person commented that our collection of brightly colored boats looked like “a rainbow of kayaks.” He was right. We were a rainbow flotilla, floating atop the spectrum of autumn colors reflected off the water. It was picture perfect.


After about an hour and a half of paddling, we arrived at the college. We chose this spot because it has a picnic table and port-a-pot. Some ate their lunch shore-side, some elected to stay in their boats. We had a relaxing time enjoying the sunshine, conversation and camaraderie.

The trip back was much easier, paddling with the current. We enjoyed the sounds of the various song birds and the beating wings of ducks and geese rising from the water as we interrupted their peace and tranquility. We also spotted many turtles, big and small, sunbathing on logs lining the river banks. Some let us get close to them, others quickly slid off to safety under the water as we passed.

With everyone off the water, and having received the traditional chocolate bars from Sue Dice, it was time to answer the single most important question of the day – Where are we going for beer and food? Going out for food, fun, fellowship and spirits is a long-standing tradition with this group, and this day would be no exception. So, we loaded the coordinates into our GPS and car pooled and caravanned to a local pub, the perfect ending to a beautiful day.


Season: Spring through Fall

Day: Every 3rd Sunday of the month
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