Indoor rowing is a thing. Indoor rowing gyms are popping up in cities everywhere. What was once (and is still) an effective training tool for rowing coaches is gaining ground with non rowers too. The machine is simply called an erg.

Rowers have a love hate relationship with the erg. Mostly they love to hate it. You can’t hide from that little computer sitting inches from you like a silent version of HAL, watching, calculating. Each journey down the slide measured and recorded.

What rowers know that others are finding out is that the erg is without peer in working out your entire body. There is a worldwide community of people logging their times and distances, for personal bests and to compare and compete with others.

Here at the Center we have a winter long indoor rowing program open to anyone connected with PCAS. It’s a free program with great coaches and supportive people. We have adapated seats for anyone needing them. Best of all, you don’t need to know how to row, or even be part of the rowing program.

Stay fit, have fun, get sweaty!